When October rolls around

There’s doings a-transpiring. Not only do we find ourselves just about one month away from our (eek!) debut at the Philly Bike Expo, it’s also Dion’s busiest time of the year at work and there’s a big AoB ride coming up. We’ve both got significant work to get done before the ride, largely to do with getting a small army of volunteers together, and then there’s the all-important (and, for me, terribly frustrating) task of planning a bike-friendly Halloween costume.

It’s harder than it might sound—whatever we choose must be able to accommodate a helmet, not get tangled in pedals/chain/wheels/etc, not compromise vision & movement too much, and can’t cost much in either the time or the money departments (that last one isn’t a strictly bike-related limitation, but it is a constraint imposed on those who might be in the midst of starting a bike-related business). Ideally, it’s layerable—riding around a hilly town keeps one warm; congregating at dusk on a crisp fall evening does not.

Cycling considerations aside, I’ve never been all that great at coming up with Halloween costumes. I’m always impressed at the ingenuity and craft that some folks can bring to bear on playing dress-up. I have a fond memory of riding in the Pumpkin Pedaller a few years ago with three people who, together, riding single-file, were dressed as a Chinese dragon. Don’t know their names, and I (sadly) have no photos, but it stands out for me as an excellent costume in its own right, but especially as an inspired choice for a community ride.

How about you? Any Halloween plans that involve two wheels and a costume? (Or one wheel, or three… unis and trikes welcome!) What’s the best costume you’ve worn or seen or dreamed about that would look good pedaling around town? As volunteers on the ride, Dion and I tend to forget to take photos, but for your sake, we’ll try to do better this year. Hope you’ll share some of your own—throw ’em up on our facebook wall!

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  1. I thought that subject line looked familar….”will you, sober up and let me down, will you sober up and let me down, will you sober up and let me..”

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