Uphill ain’t always bad

Wow.. ok, then. Just like that another month is almost gone. That was fast.

But… NEWS!

You see, now, it’s serious. I’ve just moved into a salaried position at Pack’s Tavern, downtown, and now the incomparable Jessie Shires is officially Bike-Ready’s First full-time employee. W00T!

We are both very excited about this change, but boy did it take some thinking. I mean, I’m not a big lover of the 50+ hour work week, ya know what I mean? It don’t exactly make me weak in the knees. But, by me focusing on working for The Man, we can afford for Jessie to stay home with our infant business and give it all the cooing and storybook-telling it really needs. And now, I focus on one thing and she focuses on one thing. Better for both of us, and Bike-Ready will certainly reap the benefit of Jessie’s work ethic and determination. So, BAM! Done. This feels like a big step in Bike-Ready’s growth and we’re both really happy with this move, for us personally and for the sake of Bike-Ready.

Had we known then what we know now, we probably would have made a move like this back in the spring. But, apparently that quote I’ve heard is quite accurate… you do, in fact, live and learn.

We’ll have t-shirts up on the site very soon and, plus we’re looking for a way to get 2 more designs for your edification. Stay tuned.

That hill stretches out before us. Glorious and steep, it beckons with the open sky on its shoulders and taunts us with its deadening embrace. But we are indomitable. We are engines. We will grunt and heave and tremble with exertion, but we will not stop. We will be Bike-Ready. Will you?

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