The power of bike love

Predator on a Penny Farthing

Our little town struggles, as so many do, with balancing the multimodal transportation needs of its citizenry against the motor vehicle status quo, and to do it in the face of chronic budgetary doldrums. More could always be done, but we’re slowly steering the giant ship of bureaucracy in the right direction. Bright spots include … Read More

A Bag Full of Bike Love

Bike Love bag

Another Bike Love¬†fundraiser, another jam-packed weekend of work & fun. We’re coming out of a long winter fallow period here at Bike-Ready, and donating a bag to the silent auction was a great way to kick off the spring season. As Asheville on Bikes volunteers, Bike Love is satisfying for us in so many ways. … Read More

When October rolls around

autumn leaves

There’s doings a-transpiring. Not only do we find ourselves just about one month away from our (eek!) debut at the Philly Bike Expo, it’s also Dion’s busiest time of the year at work and there’s a big AoB ride coming up. We’ve both got significant work to get done before the ride, largely to do … Read More