Regular Damn Bike

A quick survey of our closet reveals a notable preponderance of bike t-shirts, and not a single bike jersey. That kind of sums up what we’re about around here—fitting bikes into regular life, not having to dress up to ride them. It was a given that we’d offer a few cool t-shirts in our store. While we put the finishing touches on our bags and fall into the new rhythm of Bike-Ready, allow us to expand your wardrobe.

For these first printings, we’ve chosen two statements that are near and dear to Bike-Ready’s mission:

I AM AN ENGINE. It’s a fact, a boast, an exultation. It’s also a reminder, and it’s applicable to anyone on a bike. I might not feel like an engine when I’m huffing my way up that last hill into my neighborhood or getting passed by the spandex-and-aero-bars crowd, but it never stops being true—for me just as much as for those toned athletes. It’s a beautiful thing to move through my city under my own power, burning burgers and craft beer instead of gasoline. I consider this shirt an invitation to share in that beauty, no iron legs or six-pack abs required.

RIDE A REGULAR DAMN BIKE. Actually, ride what you want is closer to the sentiment we’re trying to capture, but we were feeling cheeky. Maybe you ride a decidedly un-regular bike, all carbon and custom and brand-name. Nothing wrong with that—but the entirety of US cycling culture already validates (some would even say fetishizes) that bike choice. We want to stick up for the yard sale bikes, the no-name bikes, the bikes that cause some to sniff dismissively. We say, if it rolls, ride it. If it makes you smile, ride it. Who cares if it’s cheap, doesn’t have high-end components, or has a frame only a mother could love. We say, ride whatever gets you pedaling, and don’t get caught up in what the glossy ads tell you to want. Ride a regular damn bike, with pride.

Our shirts are printed at a locally owned, independent shop here in Asheville. They’re soft, comfy 100% ringspun cotton. They’re manufactured internationally, but we’ve already consulted with a local producer of organic cotton shirts, and the moment our budget allows it, we’ll make that switch.

Feel free to hit us up with any questions about sizing, colors, fit, or anything else you want to talk about. We’d especially love to hear about your own regular damn bike—tell us about it in the comments, or share it on facebook and twitter.

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