It’s the journey, not the destination…


Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out Bike-Ready!

We have been working hard to get this beast up and running, and the above thought about journeys and destinations seemed appropriate given all the delays and obstructions we’ve encountered. Bike-Ready is hammering out some bags and other goodies as you read this and we’re really trying to have everything ready so you can buy one by the time August rolls around. We really wanted to be able to sell you stuff this past Spring, but while we knew the destination, we were unprepared for the journey that would get us there.

So, what can you look forward to? What is the destination?

How about a couple of bicycle panniers that can be used as shoulder bags without those stupid hooks catching on you or your locker? We’ll have one basic design at first, but it will be offered in two sizes; regular and BIG. And yeh, they are gonna be able to shrug off whatever storm you choose to ride through.

We also have a nifty, waterproof handlebar bag that will also work as either a smaller shoulder bag or a hip pack (you can call ’em fanny packs if you must). That’s right, we’re bringing the hip pack back! Dion has always enjoyed them, even with their associated goofiness, because of how useful they are on a bicycle. And while he’ll nearly always wear this bag around his hips, it works just as well on your shoulder or on the bike… we ain’t gonna tell you how to roll.

We’re also working on a seat bag that will be a bit bigger than most of the current offerings you see at other places. We like to keep tools and tubes in ours, sure, but we also like the option of adding snacks or even simple rain gear when there’s room. And that what we’re aiming to do, give you the room to be flexible.

And speaking or rain gear… Jessie and I are fans of the rain cape, so we’re gonna be selling some of those too. Waterproof and breathable, these are easy to wear and super effective. Plus, they pack down really well. Perfect for the bicycle!

We’ve got other goodies, too. But you’re going to hafta wait a few more weeks to see them. Rest assured however, we’re working to make your visits to Bike-Ready something you’ll enjoy. We’ll be updating with tips and tricks for commuting by bicycle. So, even if you aren’t stopping by to grab sweet, bicycle loots, you can grab some sweet bicycle knowledge. We’re here to help bicyclers, whether you ride in a tutu, a three-piece suit, or a fancy, sponsored, racing bib. We just wanna see people ride.

And bicycling IS all about the journey. Everyone gets to where they’re going, but not everybody enjoys how they get there. We’re gonna work hard to change that.

Now, get out there and ride!


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