Coming Along

Welcome! It’s terribly gratifying to have you here, though we’re a little sheepish that we don’t have our “real” website to show you quite yet. The design work is done, the programming is going on as we speak, and, boy howdy is it beautiful. But like most other things in this startup adventure, it has taken more time than we’d anticipated. But good news comes with the bad, and our delays are your gain in the end–we’re spending extra time polishing our bag designs and dreaming up new ones, and once we are up and running, we think it will have been worth the wait.

We haven’t properly introduced ourselves, have we? Bike-Ready is Jessie and Dion, partners in life, business, and bag-making. We believe in the bike as a tool for building better communities, and we make products that will make it easier for more people to choose the bicycle for transportation, not just recreation. We’ve both owned higher-end bikes, with carbon this and carbon that; we’ve tried clipless pedals and schlepped an extra pair of shoes around with us; we’ve had a bicycle rack on our car so we could haul our bikes to “appropriate” places to ride them… but, over the years, each of these has trickled away. We each sold our fancy bikes to people who really enjoy the spandex thing. Now we both rock something a bit more utilitarian (a Grant Petersen-era Bridgestone for him; a shiny new Public C7 for her), are married to platform pedals, and prefer rides that start from our front door. Collectively, we’ve commuted by bike in major metropolitan areas and sleepy ski towns, in prairie, mountain, and high desert. We’ve had to pack all manner of things–crisply pressed uniforms, unusual gear, workboots, enough food for 13-20 hour shifts–and worked out ways to be as put-together and presentable as our colleagues who arrived enveloped in a bubble of air conditioning.  We’ve got the experience, we’ve used the gear that’s out there, and we’ve found it lacking in some important ways.

So why not just make some bags for ourselves and be done with it? Simply put, we like to share. We’ve created gear that we believe will put more people on bikes for more trips–to work, to school, for errands–and that’s a net good for every person, every community, and every city involved.  Bike-Ready was born out of our desire for better gear, yes, but it’s also part of a larger vision. We’ve enjoyed success in our respective professional fields, but working for someone else, however satisfying that work may be, still has its limits. We want the independence and the agency (and, yes, the challenges and the risk) that comes with being self-employed. So here we are–and we hope you’ll become part of our journey.

It’s hard to pin down a launch date, since so many elements of this project are still in flux, but we’ll keep you posted here. You can expect a practical and innovative take on the usual bike bags, along with some pretty darn cool t-shirts. And that’s just the starting place–over the coming months, we’ll introduce other handy bike gear and products, each of them designed and handmade by us. We believe in the inherent beauty of a well-crafted tool, and we believe that handmade items have a value beyond their price tag. Most of all, we believe in people on bikes. Our website will be much more than just a store–we’ll connect you with bicycle advocacy groups around the country and the world, we’ll offer some tried and true advice for more efficient commuting, and we’ll share stories about the simple joys of riding. Bike-Ready is about more than just the merchandise–it’s also a state of being. We’re here to sell some great gear, share some wisdom, and help everyone be a little more bike-ready.

Thanks again for stopping in.

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