A Bag Full of Bike Love

Bike Love bag

Another Bike Love fundraiser, another jam-packed weekend of work & fun. We’re coming out of a long winter fallow period here at Bike-Ready, and donating a bag to the silent auction was a great way to kick off the spring season. As Asheville on Bikes volunteers, Bike Love is satisfying for us in so many ways. … Read More

The Ready Bag

The Ready Bag

Once you start thinking of your bike as a means of transportation and not simply recreation, you’ll very quickly realize you need a few things. I agree with Elly Blue that essentials like cargo racks should be included in any basic bike build, and not aftermarket add-ons. (Thankfully, a lot of smaller companies recognize this. My … Read More

Regular Damn Bike

Ride a regular damn bike.

A quick survey of our closet reveals a notable preponderance of bike t-shirts, and not a single bike jersey. That kind of sums up what we’re about around here—fitting bikes into regular life, not having to dress up to ride them. It was a given that we’d offer a few cool t-shirts in our store. … Read More