The power of bike love

Predator on a Penny Farthing

Our little town struggles, as so many do, with balancing the multimodal transportation needs of its citizenry against the motor vehicle status quo, and to do it in the face of chronic budgetary doldrums. More could always be done, but we’re slowly steering the giant ship of bureaucracy in the right direction. Bright spots include … Read More

It ain’t just about the commute

photo credit Bike Federation WI

Walker Angell’s got a great piece over at Streets MN that really made me re-evaluate how I talk about cycling, particularly to those who don’t ride. He points out that there is a real, hard limit to the number of people we can expect to take up bike commuting, but that there is near-limitless potential … Read More

Potato, Po-tah-to. Cyclist, Cycler.

surreal bike

You might have noticed that we like the term cycler. We’re not dogmatic about it (or much else, come to that), but we do like that word’s ability to draw attention. Cycler isn’t a term that’s in wide use, and so it’s a little unusual, a little jarring to read. That little pause, that wait, what? moment, has the … Read More