What’s he building in there?

Bike-Ready is just two people. Two people with some pretty good ideas, smarts, and chutzpah—and day jobs.

The biggest compliment we’ve received from folks who have seen our bags is a question: You made this?

The second biggest compliment we’ve received is also a question: When do I get to buy your stuff?

We love hearing both of these, almost equally. I say almost because we really wish the second one didn’t have to be asked. Last year, when we first started down this path, we had some pretty grand ideas about how quickly the wheels would turn. About how much we could get done on just nights and weekends. About how our passion for this project would override fatigue, render us immune to the lure of the Day Off, and how permits and designs and orders would arrive on deadline. (Any entrepreneurs reading this are smirking knowingly right about now.) Oh how much we have learned.

Bike-Ready is our passion, but it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Delays on nearly every front of the startup process have stymied all our hopeful deadlines. The demands of home and day jobs and volunteer commitments haven’t waned. Unexpected challenges have occasionally sapped our reserves. But we persist—and the payoff is coming into view.

We’re both going through fairly significant upheaval in those day jobs right now, and we expect the dust to settle in a couple of weeks. The changes we’re making are in service of Bike-Ready and will enable us to pick up the pace around here. You’ll even have merchandise to ogle before too long! But in the meantime, we’re continuing apace: dogged, steady, and with a smile, even if none of it is happening as quickly as we’d like.

So. It’s coming. If you’ll be in PA in November, plan to stop by our table at the Philly Bike Expo. We’re ever so excited to be going. If you’re in Asheville now, look for us volunteering at a bike corral or just tooling around town. We’ll be happy to hook you up with a sticker at the very least. Don’t know how to spot us? Head over to the About page for some brief intros.

Our aim is to sell you some sweet handmade gear, but we also want to continue a greater dialogue about cycling, one that’s gaining momentum as more and more people choose the bike—and for that, it’s helpful to know who you’re talking to. Pleasure to meet you. Thanks for coming.

Now, hear this:

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