Placing the Goalposts

cycling trophy

I took a couple of shifts pedalling the Asheville Bike Taxi over the past weekend. This great little venture is the brainchild of an old college classmate, and she’s a pioneer, opening the eyes of the pedicab manufacturer to the realities and possibilities of getting people around a hilly town. It was a fun couple … Read More

When October rolls around

autumn leaves

There’s doings a-transpiring. Not only do we find ourselves just about one month away from our (eek!) debut at the Philly Bike Expo, it’s also Dion’s busiest time of the year at work and there’s a big AoB ride coming up. We’ve both got significant work to get done before the ride, largely to do … Read More

Regular Damn Bike

Ride a regular damn bike.

A quick survey of our closet reveals a notable preponderance of bike t-shirts, and not a single bike jersey. That kind of sums up what we’re about around here—fitting bikes into regular life, not having to dress up to ride them. It was a given that we’d offer a few cool t-shirts in our store. … Read More

Uphill ain’t always bad

Jessie silver bike and mural

Wow.. ok, then. Just like that another month is almost gone. That was fast. But… NEWS! You see, now, it’s serious. I’ve just moved into a salaried position at Pack’s Tavern, downtown, and now the incomparable Jessie Shires is officially Bike-Ready’s First full-time employee. W00T! We are both very excited about this change, but boy … Read More

What’s he building in there?

putting the puzzle pieces together

Bike-Ready is just two people. Two people with some pretty good ideas, smarts, and chutzpah—and day jobs. The biggest compliment we’ve received from folks who have seen our bags is a question: You made this? The second biggest compliment we’ve received is also a question: When do I get to buy your stuff? We love … Read More

The Hygiene Question

shower head

I’d love to start riding my bike to work, you’re thinking, but won’t I be all sweaty and stinky and gross when I get there? The short, glib answer: You’re asking the wrong question. You’ll be all endorphin-high and warmed up and stoked when you get there! The answer you’re more likely looking for: Most likely yes, … Read More

Commuting essentials


When does a bike become a commuter bike? The short answer is simply: when you start riding it like one. But, really, there’s a bit more to it. Sure, you don’t have to have any special accessories to start commuting–and, indeed, many of us started without them. Throw your stuff in a backpack and off … Read More

Where should I ride?

bike lane

Where should I ride? Another question that comes up a lot when talking to people about using the bicycle for transportation is about where to ride. There have been studies done to address this particular question, so there is no need for me to rattle off some numbers and stats in the hope of persuading … Read More

Best advice

bicycle at sunrise

A commitment to bike commuting can be a fickle thing. Yes, I’ve known a handful of stalwarts over the years whose dedication never flagged, who made every trip by bike, uphill both ways, through driving snow, in boiling heat, and under plagues of locusts. I admire those folks. But then there’s the rest of us … Read More