To market, to market

grocery shopping with bicycle pannier

While biking to work gets a lot of attention, it’s not the only way to incorporate bicycle travel into your everyday life. We’re big fans of the quick neighborhood trip—to the pub, the library, the coffee shop. Doing your shopping by bike takes the neighborhood outing to another level—getting your groceries home under your own power adds … Read More

The power of bike love

Predator on a Penny Farthing

Our little town struggles, as so many do, with balancing the multimodal transportation needs of its citizenry against the motor vehicle status quo, and to do it in the face of chronic budgetary doldrums. More could always be done, but we’re slowly steering the giant ship of bureaucracy in the right direction. Bright spots include … Read More

Why buy handmade?

Jessie and the Ready Bag

We don’t have to sell you on the merits of the bicycle as transportation—you’re here. You’re already in the choir. But maybe you want to hear us preach on why you should buy from us instead of off the shelf at your closest big box store. You worked hard for your dollars. Why spend a few … Read More

A Bag Full of Bike Love

Bike Love bag

Another Bike Love fundraiser, another jam-packed weekend of work & fun. We’re coming out of a long winter fallow period here at Bike-Ready, and donating a bag to the silent auction was a great way to kick off the spring season. As Asheville on Bikes volunteers, Bike Love is satisfying for us in so many ways. … Read More

It ain’t just about the commute

photo credit Bike Federation WI

Walker Angell’s got a great piece over at Streets MN that really made me re-evaluate how I talk about cycling, particularly to those who don’t ride. He points out that there is a real, hard limit to the number of people we can expect to take up bike commuting, but that there is near-limitless potential … Read More

The Anti-Resolution

Seoul Cycle Design competition's "Horsey Bike"

It’s January 2. Made your resolutions yet? Maybe you’ve already broken a few? It happens. Old habits are hard to break. Motivation seems a fickle thing, here one minute and gone the next. If you’re like most, you don’t get much done without it. Maybe you made a decision to commute to work by bike … Read More

Cold Weather Riding

snowy bike

This first blush of winter is the most daunting time of year to be (or to become) a cold-weather commuter. Here in Western NC, we’ve only had a couple of truly cold spells since fall’s last gasp, and my brain hasn’t fully calibrated to winter yet. Outside feels colder than it actually is, which makes … Read More

The Ready Bag

The Ready Bag

Once you start thinking of your bike as a means of transportation and not simply recreation, you’ll very quickly realize you need a few things. I agree with Elly Blue that essentials like cargo racks should be included in any basic bike build, and not aftermarket add-ons. (Thankfully, a lot of smaller companies recognize this. My … Read More

Potato, Po-tah-to. Cyclist, Cycler.

surreal bike

You might have noticed that we like the term cycler. We’re not dogmatic about it (or much else, come to that), but we do like that word’s ability to draw attention. Cycler isn’t a term that’s in wide use, and so it’s a little unusual, a little jarring to read. That little pause, that wait, what? moment, has the … Read More