A Bag Full of Bike Love

Another Bike Love fundraiser, another jam-packed weekend of work & fun. We’re coming out of a long winter fallow period here at Bike-Ready, and donating a bag to the silent auction was a great way to kick off the spring season. As Asheville on Bikes volunteers, Bike Love is satisfying for us in so many ways. And as the proprietors of this here little business, we’re especially proud to think that one of our bags raised a little cash for a great cause and that we’ll soon spot it rolling around the streets of Asheville. All proceeds from the silent auction will benefit AoB’s After School Bike Club, so it’s really a win-win-win.

A look at the bag you missed if you weren’t at the biggest party in AVL this weekend:


In pannier mode.


We’re a little in love with that red X-Pac fabric.


Double-stitched seams. Reflective piping.


Nary a hook or bungie to be found on the back of our bags. So comfy to carry!


Rides like a boss.


Room for all your stuff (and a light-colored liner so you can find it!).

Bike Love bag

One of a kind.

Need a refresher on the basic concept of our bags? Though some minor details have evolved since that first photo shoot, the basics remain the same: read about the Ready Bag here. I’ve got a lovely grey bag coming down the pipeline next, with green and yellow accents. Hope to have it in our webstore within the week. Got a bag desire? Hit us up any time!

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