Potato, Po-tah-to. Cyclist, Cycler.

surreal bike

You might have noticed that we like the term cycler. We’re not dogmatic about it (or much else, come to that), but we do like that word’s ability to draw attention. Cycler isn’t a term that’s in wide use, and so it’s a little unusual, a little jarring to read. That little pause, that wait, what? moment, has the … Read More

Placing the Goalposts

cycling trophy

I took a couple of shifts pedalling the Asheville Bike Taxi over the past weekend. This great little venture is the brainchild of an old college classmate, and she’s a pioneer, opening the eyes of the pedicab manufacturer to the realities and possibilities of getting people around a hilly town. It was a fun couple … Read More

When October rolls around

autumn leaves

There’s doings a-transpiring. Not only do we find ourselves just about one month away from our (eek!) debut at the Philly Bike Expo, it’s also Dion’s busiest time of the year at work and there’s a big AoB ride coming up. We’ve both got significant work to get done before the ride, largely to do … Read More